4 Converted Artists Decide to Take Off Hijab, Jennie BLACKPINK Rumored to Leave YG Entertainment

Jakarta – IntipSeleb always presents interesting news related to stories about celebrities, from local to foreign. Some articles have quite a lot of readers compared to other articles.

Popular articles that are widely read on IntipSeleb range from news about artists wearing and taking off the hijab, such as Nathalie Holscher and Jenita Janet, to the fate of Jennie BLACKPINK’s contract.

Take a peek at the interesting articles that were widely read on IntipSeleb on Wednesday, 12 July 2023:

4 Muslim converts decide to take off their headscarves, number 3 returns to the world of the night


Photo : Instagram/anneofficial1990

The decision to change religions and become a convert and to change your appearance to wear the hijab is not an easy thing. As experienced by the following four artists, who ultimately chose to let go of the hijab.

In fact, some have finally returned to work in the nightlife after deciding not to wear the hijab anymore. Anyone?

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