4 Facts about Cillian Murphy Starring in Oppenheimer’s Film, Extreme Diet to Paid IDR 74 Billion

United States of America – Oppenheimer’s film, which will be released on July 19, 2023, is in the public spotlight. Moreover, the main character is Cillian Murphy.

Appearing in totality at Oppenheimer, it turns out that Cillian Murphy had to go the extra mile, you know. One of them, Murphy had to go on an extreme diet to get thinner. Are you curious about what other facts did Cillian Murphy do for Oppenheimer’s film? Let’s take a peek at the full facts below.

1. Extreme Diet Only Eat Almonds

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To be similar to the original figure J Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb, Cillian Murphy had to lose weight.

Launching from Eonline, Murphy can only eat almonds every day so he can look very thin. Not to mention, he always skips dinner with the Oppenheimer cast for this role.

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