4 Facts about Michael Rendy, Clayton’s father, a TikTok celebrity whose house was robbed

Jakarta – Tiktokers and celebgram Michael Rendy are in the spotlight. Because, the house he occupied with his wife and children, Lizzebeth was robbed by his own neighbors.

Due to this incident, Michael Rendy suffered injuries to his hands and ears after a duel and brushed off the robbers’ attack, because the perpetrators had sharp weapons. Meanwhile, his wife was shocked and had fallen, plus Lizzebeth was pregnant.

Furthermore, regarding this robbery incident, Michael Rendy’s name became the talk of netizens. Here are the facts about it. Curious? Let’s take a peek!

1. Christian religion

Michael Randy's family

Michael Rendy is a man from Semarang who was born on April 6, 1990. It is known that the owner of the full name Michael Rendy Wiyono embraces Christianity.

Related to romance, he has a wife named Lizzebeth and a son named Clayton. Currently, his wife is pregnant with their second child.

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