4 Muslim converts decide to take off their headscarves, number 3 returns to the world of the night

Jakarta – The decision to change religions and become a convert and change your appearance to wear the hijab is not an easy thing. As experienced by the following four artists, who ultimately chose to let go of the hijab.

In fact, some have finally returned to work in the nightlife after deciding not to wear the hijab anymore. Anyone? Take a peek at the following artist converts who decided to take off the hijab.


Photo : Tiktok.com/@anneofficial18

The first Muslim convert who decided to take off the hijab was Princess Anne. It is often reported that his household is cracked and is even said to have divorced from Arya Saloka. He also often receives blasphemy from netizens.

Having looked so stressed that she was caught speaking harshly, Princess Anne, who is attached to the image of a woman wearing a hijab, is now determined to take off her private parts.

2. Stevi Agnesia

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