5 Ceban Snacks You Can Get at the 2023 Jakarta Fair

PeekSeleb – The 2023 Jakarta Fair event has entered its 4th week or 10 days before closing. This largest, longest and most comprehensive multi-product exhibition event is a favorite destination to visit because it displays a variety of excitement in it.

At the Jakarta Fair, visitors can find various exhibitions, culinary tours, and interesting rides. Not only that, you can also find pocket-friendly snacks and the unique thing is that these various products sell a very cheap price package of IDR 10,000.

Are you curious about what products can be purchased for IDR 10,000 at the Jakarta Fair? Come on, take a peek at five versatile snacks that you can find at the 2023 Jakarta Fair:

Visitors to the Jakarta Fair are certainly very familiar with the Teh Botol stands or carts that are circulating in various areas. You can get three Sosro Bottle Teas for IDR 10,000, or you can also exchange coupons/entrance tickets.

Momogi Snacks

This snack is packaged into a package with a price of IDR 10,000, which contains Momogi products in the form of savory sticks and other snacks, including Ciki. One package consists of several packages of various snacks.

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