5 Facts of Pierre Gruno Reported for Alleged Abuse, Police Confirm


Jakarta – Senior actor Pierre Gruno was reported to the South Jakarta Metro Police for alleged mistreatment of a man with the initials (GDS). The alleged abuse took place in a bar.

The chronology of alleged abuse by Pierre Gruno begins with the sudden beating. What are the facts like? Here’s more.

1. Reported for Alleged Abuse

Pierre gruno

Quoted from VIVA, Pierre Gruno was reported for allegedly committing the persecution that occurred at Satu Lagi Bar Hotel Kristal, Terogong, Cilandak on Friday, 30 June 2023. Pierre allegedly assaulted a man with the initials GDS.

The witness of the incident, Fendy, stated that the victim was suddenly visited by Pierre Gruno. Later, Pierre is said to have taken the beatings.

“At that time the victim was chatting with relatives at one of the bar tables. Suddenly the perpetrator Pierre Gruno came to the victim and immediately started beating him,” said Fendy, witness to the incident in his official statement, quoted on Sunday 2 July 2023.

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