5 Interesting Facts about Tina Toon, Artist Who Secretly Married, Number 4 Reasons for Two Delayed Marriages

Jakarta – Shocking and happy news came from Tina Toon. The former child singer is known to have secretly married a man named Daniel.

Investigate, calibaration, the two of them have officially become husband and wife since last June 2023. The news of their second marriage was revealed through a photo upload on their personal Instagram account.

Furthermore, suddenly the news shocked the public. Not a few are curious about his personality. Here are the facts about Tina Toon, curious? Let’s take a peek!

1. Career to Become a Singer


Photo : instagram/tinatoon101

The owner’s real name is Agustina Hermanto started her career in the music scene since 1998. Apparently her melodious voice came from her mother, who was also a member of a music group in Cirebon.

Tina Toon’s debut was through an album titled Bolo-bolo in 1999. This success made her release her second album titled Siram (2003), and many more.

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