5 Portraits of the Most Expensive Indonesian Artist Houses, Up to Rp. 300 Billion

Jakarta – The following row of Indonesian artist residences are included in the ranks of the most expensive artist houses whose prices are fantastic, reaching billions of rupiah.

Not surprisingly, the building is located in a strategic area and has a red building and is equipped with various five-star facilities.

So, who are the Indonesian artists who have the most expensive houses? Come on, let’s go through the reviews below.

YouTube/Prilly Latuconsina

Photo: YouTube/Prilly Latuconsina

At a young age, Prilly Latuconsina received a lot of praise for successfully building a house worth IDR 20 billion from her hard work.

Located in a strategic and quiet area, Prilly Latuconsina has various five-star facilities in her dream house.

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