5 Types of Public Services in Collaboration between Ashanty and Lions Club Jakarta for Disadvantaged Children Programs


Jakarta – An idea, ideas and aspirations of the nation’s children who want to bring future changes to their peers. Alvaro and Azrael Prawira together with Arsy and Azriel collaborated to organize a social movement namely ‘Stop Child Abuse and Violence’.

Joining them, Danika and Alvernia also participated in campaigning for this movement. Here’s the full review, curious? Let’s see!

The Hermansyah Foundation and Lions Club Jakarta


After doing social service, they have a vision and mission to support the current generation in the form of fundraising and charity events such as fun runs, sports where these events have raised funds to support as many as 600 Indonesian children. Of course, with the direction of the implementing team initiated by Mr. Yohanes.

With this noble goal in mind, the Passion Kasih Foundation for Transforming the Nation was born. This foundation was fostered by Ms. Airyn Tanu as Founder of Passion Jewelry Group and Ashanty.

Supported by the closest friends, namely Merry Riana and doctor Devya who will support in the field of dental health. Social programs for foster children have been planned in an upcoming collaboration event.

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