8 Portraits of Putri Ariani’s house in Jakarta exposed, wallowing in luxury facilities


Jakarta – After making Indonesia proud by bringing home the Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent 2023, the public is curious about the figure of Princess Ariani, including the house she lives in.

Putri Ariani lives in a luxurious house in the Jakarta area which is filled with facilities like a 5-star hotel and is a gift from businessman Rudy Salim. Are you curious about the detailed portraits of Princess Ariani’s house? Let’s take a peek together through the reviews below.

Princess Ariani's house

1. Apart from owning a house in Jogja, Putri Ariani and her family also live in a house in Jakarta that is no less luxurious, with white nuances and surrounded by tall European-style pillars.

Princess Ariani's house

2. The two-story house that Putri Ariani lives with her parents and grandmother also has a large garage that can accommodate more than 4 cars.

Princess Ariani's house

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