A face without makeup is pouted, Nabila Ishma sprays with striking answers

Jakarta Celebrity Nabila Ishma recently opened her voice after receiving negative comments for showing off her bare face, aka plain face without makeup.

The former lover of the late Emmeril Kahn immediately gave a sharp answer. Like what? Take a peek at Nabila’s narrative below.

Nabila Ishma’s bare face is pouted


Photo : Instagram/@nabilaishma

Nabila Ishma often looks confident showing off her innocent face without makeup. However, what Nabila did was scorned by netizens.

“The bare face looks like this anyway. dull lips item am a lot of acne scars, “ netizen comments quoted from Nabila Ishma’s Instagram Story, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Receiving such comments, Nabila immediately gave a shocking answer. Nabila said that she was also trying to do skin care without other people knowing.

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