Accused of not supporting Inara for 2 months, Virgoun’s party rebutted and was ready to submit evidence

Jakarta – Vocalist of the music group Last Child, Virgoun is again undergoing a trial for divorce from his wife, Inara Idola Rusli. Just like before, the two lovebirds did not appear in person at the West Jakarta Religious Court (PA) and were only represented by their attorneys.

Meanwhile, the agenda for Inara’s divorce trial this time is the reading of a replica, or a response to Virgoun’s previous answers to a number of points of demand. Check out the full review below.

Virgoun’s Attorney on Income for Inara


After the trial, Virgoun’s attorney, Wijayono Hadi Sukrisno, gave a response to the issue that his client had not provided a living for his wife for two months. Kris said, Virgoun is still carrying out his responsibilities as a husband and father.

“Virgoun continues to carry out what is her responsibility,” said Kris to the media crew at PA West Jakarta on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Regarding Inara’s accusations about this livelihood, Kris admits that he will prove what he said later.

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