Admits that he was threatened by a new husband even though he married Siri for 2 months, Della Puspita was told not to get married

Jakarta – Della Puspita recently came under scrutiny because her new husband, Arman Wosi, is allegedly still married. It didn’t stop there, now Della Puspita herself admits that she received threats from her husband even though she had only been married in an unregistered marriage for two months.

He uploaded his confession on his own Instagram account. Because of her upload, Della Puspita was told not to get married.

Claimed to be Threatened by New Husband

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The soap opera actress Della Puspita previously made a shocking confession. She admits that Arman Wosi, who is her new husband, is now threatening her.

Even though he felt ashamed to reveal the bickering in his new household, he still revealed about the threat.

It’s also a hassle if you want to share anything on social media. It’s also troublesome if you like to forget what was said. It’s also troublesome if every time you fight, it’s embarrassing. I have proof of the threat,” wrote Della in her post, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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