After a year of not meeting, Stefan William dismantled the reasons for reluctance to post children on Instagram


Jakarta – Actor Stefan William officially divorced from Celine Evangelista in 2021. From this marriage, he was blessed with two children namely Lucio Otthild William and Eadred Koa Lewis Miguel.

Even though Celine recently revealed that Stefan hasn’t visited his child for almost a year, now it’s revealed why Stefan rarely posts children on Instagram. What’s that? Take a peek at the answer below.

Reasons for Stefan William Not Uploading Moments with Children

Not long ago, Stefan William was asked about his reasons for never uploading moments with his children on his social media.

Stefan admits that this is because he wants to have quality time with his children without the need to think about other people having to know.

“I’m talking about not posting children on social media or what, sometimes I think if I want to spend time with my child, I really spend time, I don’t need anyone to know,” said Stefan William quoted from YouTube Yan Saragih, Monday, July 10, 2023.

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