After being threatened with an exciting video, FTV artist Hasninda Ramadhani had trouble sleeping and had to go to a psychiatrist

Jakarta – FTV artist, Hasninda Ramadhani is said to have been threatened with using an exciting edited video similar to herself. This was revealed by Hasninda’s attorney, Prabowo Febriyanto.

In fact, Hasninda has reported the social media account that threatened her to Polda Metro Jaya. The report has been registered with case number LP/B/4039/VII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA. Take a peek at the full information below.

Hasninda Ramadhani’s Story Was Threatened Using Exciting Videos


Photo : Instagram/hasninda_r

Prabowo said his client was threatened via Instagram and via electronic messages (e-mail). The perpetrator threatened to spread exciting videos similar to Hasninda’s on the internet if he didn’t comply with his request.

“More or less threaten him via DM, so let him know that he has an exciting video about a client,” said Prabowo Febriyanto when contacted by the IntipSeleb team via telephone.

Prabowo also confirmed that the video used to threaten his client was engineered. In fact, he claims to have consulted about this video to the police.

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