After insulting a body that looks like a cow, haters even beg for money, Kiky Saputri

Jakarta – Komika Kiky Saputri has just had an unpleasant experience, namely being hit body shaming from the haters. Unmitigated sentences uttered hate speech was quite spicy.

However, Kiky Saputri did not bother with these malicious comments. Sure enough, the next day, the netizen asked for tuition fees. So, what did Kiky say? Let’s check!

Haters Ask for Money from Kiky Saputri

Kiky Saputri

In his latest tweet, Kiky Saputri uploaded a screenshot of a chat sent by haters who previously gave hate speech. In a different attitude from what he showed yesterday, the netizen actually begged for sustenance from Kiky.

Sis, I’m really sorry I called on Sis Kiky yesterday because I wanted to get Sis Kiky’s attention. I need IDR 300,000, Sis, to pay for college credits. Ask for help, Sis, his mercy,” said the netizen, quoted on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

As if knowing the end result that will happen from body shaming experienced, Kiky Saputri again relaxed. In fact, M Khairi’s wife was kind enough to send Rp. 500,000 to netizens who had insulted her.

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