After only 4 months of marriage, Indra Kristianto was shocked by being sued for divorce by Shinta Bachir

Jakarta – Bad news came from the pair Shinta Bachir and Indra Kristianto. The reason is, after only 4 months of living in a household, the artist filed a divorce suit against her husband at the East Jakarta Religious Court.

Today, 18 July 2023, is the first trial for the divorce of Shinta Bachir and Indra Kristianto. Here’s the full description, let’s take a peek!

Attorney Calls Indra Kristianto Shocked by Shita Bachir’s Divorce Sued


Photo : Instagram/@shinta_bachir86

On one occasion, Nasution as Indra Kristianto’s attorney said that his client was in shock because his wife, Shinta Bachir, was suddenly sued for divorce. Even though the communication between the two parties was still going well as usual.

“So it was Indra’s shock, the lawsuit was filed on July 7, even though communication with Shinta was still going on as usual, communication by WhatApp, there was a meeting, but I can’t explain the context in detail, because after the 7th they were still having a meeting,” said Nasution as Indra Kristianto’s attorney at the South Jakarta Religious Court on Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

“They are still communicating as usual, what about at home, he left for Bali yesterday and Indra also knows, everything is still in communication, that’s what makes him shocked,” he said again.

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