After the divorce, Desta is obliged to give more than Rp. 1 billion in living money for Natasha Rizki

Jakarta – Homeland artist, Deddy Mahendra Desta is required to provide more than IDR 1 billion for a living for his ex-wife, Natasha Rizki. This was confirmed by Desta’s attorney, Hendra Siregar.

“More (the nominal living money is Rp. 1 billion), more,” said Hendra Siregar to the media crew at the South Jakarta Religious Court (PA) on Monday, July 10, 2023.

Hendra said, Rp. 1 billion was intended for mutah and iddah income from Desta for Natasha Rizki. Check out the full review below.

Desta Has Donated Living Money for Natasha Rizki

Desta and Natasha Rizki

Hendra said that Desta had surrendered all of his obligations regarding mutah and iddah maintenance. The money worth more than IDR 1 billion was handed over before the reading of the divorce pledge was held on Monday, 10 July 2023.

“But what is clear is that before the divorce pledge was read, all of it was handed over according to the provisions of the Compilation of Islamic Law, that’s all,” explained Hendra Siregar.

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