Ahead of the Akad, Denny Caknan’s Future Wife Shares Striking Messages for Haters


Jakarta – Widespread news of Denny Caknan’s wedding preparations with Bella Bonita at The Sun City Madiun Hotel on Friday, July 7 2023, suddenly made netizens even more crowded and joined in attacking Bella’s Instagram account.

Like being linked to Denny Caknan’s past and his ex-girlfriend Happy Asmara, Bella Bonita gave a sharp message ahead of her wedding day. Like what? Read more below!

Bella Bonita’s Striking Message

Bella Bonita

Infuriated and astonished by netizens who also attacked his Instagram account after Denny Caknan went public and announced his wedding day, Bella Bonita looked annoyed and replied to all the blasphemy from netizens with wise messages.

Through the new Threads feature and shared on Instagram stories, the Asan Madiun woman looks flirtatious for people who hate her and insult her.

he said haters are still haters, thousands of insults and slander let this be a way of opening fortune us,” wrote Bella Bonita, reported Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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