Allegedly Divorced After Princess Anne Was Called a Widow, Caption Arya Saloka Highlighted by Netizens: Widower 2023

Jakarta – The news that Arya Saloka and Putri Anne have divorced is again being discussed. The reason is, Princess Anne recently did not refuse and instead answered when she was called a widow.

This caused Arya Saloka to be bullied by netizens, to the extent that she was called a widower. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Princess Anne Doesn’t Refuse to Be Called a Widow


Photo: Instagram/rumpi_gosip

Princess Anne recently posted about Lanny’s song ‘Call Me Late But You’ on her Threads account.

Call me late but You! By Lanny is just…. boyyyy,” he wrote in Threads while inserting a heart emoji on Friday, July 7, 2023.

Immediately the upload was flooded with comments from netizens. One that was highlighted was a netizen who called her a ‘widow’. Moreover, Princess Anne’s reaction made other netizens even more excited.

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