Allegedly the perpetrator, Tama Tazia admits that she is beautiful and has never been insecure, Hanum Mega Nyindir: Congratulations Miss

Jakarta – Tama Tazia, who was allegedly having an affair with Hanum Mega’s husband some time ago, appeared on a podcast. On the podcast, she confidently admits that she has never been insecure about her beauty.

Hanum Mega also re-uploaded the podcast snippet while writing satire. Like what?

Sarcastic Tama Tazia

Tama Tazia

Hanum Mega recently re-uploaded the video footage of Tama Tazia’s interview via her Instagram Story. In the excerpt of the interview, Tama was asked about whether he had ever felt insecure in life.

“Have you ever been insecure about what, if I may ask?” asked the host to Tama Tazia.

With confidence, the woman accused of having an affair with Achmad Herlambang praised herself as beautiful.

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