Alonica – LANY Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

PeekSeleb – LANY has just released their newest song titled ‘Alonica’. Alonica itself is a city located in Los Angeles, United States.

However, at the beginning of the music video, Alonica is described as a place within you, where being yourself is enough. Let’s take a peek at the lyrics of the song below

I’m fallin’ out of love with you, LA
Runnin’ out of reasons I should stay
I’m overwhelmed, I’m over it
It’s too cold here anyway
I’m fallin’ out of love with you, LA

Back to Alonica
Where the sun is out all the time
My favorite beach is there
And the sand, it stretches for miles
Singin’ la-di-di-di-da
And slowly dancin’ ’til the morning comes
I feel most at home when I’m back in Alonica

Darlin’, I have finally settled in
The water is perfect for a midnight swim
It’s paradise, the stars and I
Are catchin’ up like old friends
My heart is learning how to love again

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