Already Broken, Marcelino Lefrandt’s Birthday Greetings to Violenzia Jeanette Highlighted

Jakarta – Violenzia Jeanette has revealed that she has broken up with Marcelino Lefrandt. Even though they have now broken up, Marcelino still wishes Vio a birthday message.

How about the contents? Let’s take a peek at the birthday greetings from Marcelio to Violenzia after breaking up below.

Marcelio Birthday Wishes for Violenzia

Marcelino Lefrandt, Violetzia Jeanette

Violenzia Jeanette recently happily welcomed her new age. At the turn of the day, he even got a surprise from his friends.

Congratulations also came from friends and closest relatives. One of them is from the former, Marcelio Lefrandt. Through his Instagram Story, Vio was caught re-uploading congratulations from Marcel.

While uploading a portrait of Vio set against a cliff, Marcel also conveyed his hopes and prayers for Vio.

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