Already Ready To Be A Rich Widow

Bogor – Hanum Mega has uncovered her husband’s affair with a pelakor (usurp man). He will soon undergo his first divorce trial in the coming days.

Apparently, the celebgram was sure of his determination to become a widow. In fact, he made sure that he would become a rich widow. Come on, take a peek at the full article.

Get Achievements

Hanum Mega

Hanum Mega has just released its own skincare product. Even though she is in the process of divorcing her husband, Hanum Mega is still trying hard to continue her career.

Hanum Mega also admitted that she was happy for her achievements. Moreover, the mother always supports and the baby who strengthens her.

“Yes, just worry about yourself, focus on what can be lived in the future, live on,” said Hanum Mega when met in the Bogor area, West Java, Friday, July 7 2023.

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