Amanda Spill The reason Shane Lukas complied with Mario Dandy

Jakarta – Anastasia Pretya Amanda, former lover of Mario Dandy, frankly revealed the reason Shane Lukas was able to comply with his ex. This was revealed when he became a witness in the trial of the persecution case.

Then what is the reason Shane Lukas can comply with Mario Dandy? Let’s check the article.

Because of Motors

Anastasia Pretya Amanda

Amanda revealed the reason why Shane Lukas often followed Mario Dandy’s requests. He explained that Shane had dropped Mario’s motorcycle.

Because of the incident, Shane was unable to compensate for the damage to Mario Dandy’s motorbike. This made Shane indebted to Mario.

“No, at least I heard like a while, if I’m not mistaken, because Shane had dropped Mario’s motorbike, if I’m not mistaken, then from there maybe, I’m sorry, if I’m not mistaken, at that time Shane was not able to replace Mario’s motorbike, “said Amanda at the South Jakarta District Court.

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