Amazed, Denny Sumargo Praises Lesti Kejora’s Beauty Directly in Front of His Wife


Jakarta – The couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar are known to have returned to actively appearing in public, including collaborating content with other public figures.

Recently, the two met Denny Sumargo and his wife, Olivia Allan. During the meeting, the actor who is familiarly called the ‘arrogant basketball player’ was captivated by Lesti Kejora’s charm. Come on-scroll until it runs out!

Denny Sumargo Praises Lesti

Denny Sumargo

Denny Sumargo bluntly admits that Lesti Kejora is beautiful when seen in person. The confession was issued by Densu in front of his wife directly.

“It turns out that Lesti, I just met you today, turns out to be beautiful, right? Prettier than in the video. Seriously,” said Densu, quoted from the re-uploaded TikTok @riani_update, Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Hearing Densu’s words, Olivia immediately gasped and said that Lesti was indeed beautiful from the start.

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