Amid the Issue of Not Wearing, Rezky Aditya Joins a Tennis Tournament with Raffi Ahmad


Jakarta – Recently, the name Rezky Aditya has been in the spotlight. This was because some time ago he was legally declared to be the biological father of Wenny Ariani’s child, after the Supreme Court rejected the cassation filed by his party.

Nevertheless, on the one hand, Citra Kirana’s husband plans to enliven a sporting event titled ‘Indonesian Celebrity Sports Tournament’. Here’s the full review. Let’s see!

Will Participate in Sports Tournaments

Rezky Aditya

On one occasion, Rezky Aditya admitted that he would take part in a tennis tournament. He entered into two categories of matches, namely singles and doubles.

It is known that Rezky Aditya will fight Rendy Pangalila in the singles category at the sporting event. Meanwhile, for doubles, he is partnered with Rendy Pangalila against Raffi Ahmad with a mysterious guest star.

“I joined this, yes I was forced by Raffi Ahmad. But thanks to him, I’m playing tennis again after a five-year hiatus,” said Rezky Aditya at the SCTV Tower Senayan building, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, July 5, 2023.

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