Angry! Betrand Peto Called Cueki Rossa, Ruben Onsu Make Sure to Find the Owner of the Slanderous Content

Jakarta – Recently a video went viral showing Rossa allegedly being ignorant of Betrand Peto alias Onyo during a gig in Malaysia.

Ruben Onsu, as Onyo’s adoptive father, was furious when he saw the viral video. He claimed to be looking for the maker of the video. What was Reuben’s anger like?

Will Find TikTok Video Maker


Photo: Instagram/viral_seleb

After the video Betrand Peto called being ignored Rossa made Ruben Onsu angry. Ruben did not accept that Betrand Peto’s life was disturbed.

Moreover, to drag the name Rossa who with a big heart invited Betrand Peto to a concert in Malaysia. This made Ruben Onsu promise to find content owners who spread rumors.

“From the TikTok content, I will immediately hold him responsible for the content. For me it will be long,” explained Ruben Onsu, quoted from the upload by @viral_seleb, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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