Antonio Unloads Nikita Mirzani’s Ulcers, Reveals Loly Always Forced to Live Sell to Pay for School

Jakarta – The feud between Nikita Mirzani and Antonio Dedola is still not over. This time, Antonio Dedola returned to clean Nikita’s ulcers.

He provided evidence that Nikita always forced Loly to sell live every day. Even though Loly had just come home from school or had piano lessons. Like what? Here’s the full news.

Loly Forced to Live with Antonio Dedola

Antonio Dedola said Loly was forced to live with Nikita Mirzani

Running an online business, Antonio Dedola exposed the nature of Nikita Mirzani, which until now was not known to the public. Toni provides evidence that so far, Loly has always been forced to sell live on social media.

Nikita didn’t seem to care even though Loly had just come home from school. Loly was even forced to live when she woke up for hours.

“Since the first day I came to this house, Lolly has had to sell her mother’s products live on TikTok,” wrote Antonio Dedola quoted on Thursday, 6 July 2023.

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