Anwar CHAPTER Refusing to Marry Different Religions, Became the Reason for Breaking Up with Bella Aprilia Sant


Jakarta – Anwar BAB had a love story with Bella Aprilia Sant. However, their relationship has now foundered.

There are rumors that Anwar BAB and Bella Aprilia Sant broke up because of the presence of a third person. However, the famous presenter and comedian denied this. Here’s the complete information, let’s take a peek!

YouTube/Melaney Ricardo

Photo: YouTube/Melaney Ricardo

Reporting from the CitraSelebrity YouTube channel. Anwar BAB said that he and Bella Aprilia Sant had to break up because they had different beliefs.

“Because the former Anwar can’t be of the same religion,” said Anwar BAB as quoted by Intipseleb on Monday, July 17, 2023.

Anwar BAB said that his former lover had asked about interfaith marriages. However, the owner of the real name Anwar Sanjaya Pigano refused.

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