Anya Geraldine Looking for Personal Assistant Spek Ariel NOAH, Jefri Nichol Negotiation

Jakarta – Anya Geraldine looking for a personal assistant. Through her Instagram, the beautiful actress provides a number of conditions for interested applicants, one of which must be similar to Ariel NOAH.

Jefri Nichol responded to Anya Geraldine’s offer to find a personal assistant. What did he say? Let’s listen!

Anya Geraldine Looking for Personal Assistant Spek Ariel NOAH

Anya Geraldine describes the requirements for applicants who are interested in applying to become her personal assistant. The requirements are quite odd, namely being able to wake him up every day, playing tennis, so he can hear properly.

“Guys, I’m looking for a personal assistant, their job is to be able to wake me up on time every morning, be able to play tennis, be a good listener 24/7,” wrote Anya Geraldine on her Twitter tweet, reported by IntipSeleb on Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

It didn’t stop there, Anya Geraldine required her personal assistant to have a face similar to Ariel NOAH. If there are applicants who are interested, Anya promises a salary of IDR 30 million per month.

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