Apart from Sonny Septian, this row of artists is also sad to see ‘disgrace’ being given an award

Jakarta – Recently, by uploading his personal Instagram, artist Sonny Septian voiced his opinion regarding the disgrace of the family that was given the award.

Sonny Septian said, he considered giving an award for a disgrace a sad thing. So how will it go? Let’s see the full review.

Sonny Septian’s Opinion About Shame Is Awarded

Sonny Septian

Sonny Septian gave his opinion as well as satirized the television station’s program that gives awards to controversial people. He really regretted this.

Fairuz A Rafiq’s husband said that a controversy is not something to be proud of. Even so, according to him, there are still many outstanding artists.

The disgraceful ones become awards, the ugly ones become awards, they continue to be shown as if they were an achievement,” wrote Sonny Septian quoted by Intipseleb on Monday, July 3, 2023.

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