Appearing Beautiful Dressed as Barbie, Rachel Vennya Admits More Like a Blonde Widow


Jakarta Celebgram Rachel Vennya is known as one of the influencers who is Fomo alias (Fear of Missing Out) or doesn’t want to be left behind by trends, so she is willing to dress up like a barbie.

But unfortunately, even though she has changed her appearance to resemble Barbie, the ex-wife of Niko Al Hakim actually admits that she looks more like a blonde widow. Like what? Let’s immediately scroll below.

Barbie Style Makeup

The hectic Barbie film, played by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, made a number of viewers very enthusiastic and satisfied while enjoying the exciting storyline. Rachel Vennya also seems to feel this, as evidenced by her action of willing to dress up like a living barbie in an all-pink outfit.

But instead of being a Barbie, the mother of two actually wrote an odd caption where she felt more like a blonde widow.

This barbie is a blonde widow a lil bit crazy but deep inside kind hearted and a lot of good fortune,” wrote Rachel Vennya, Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Seeing the statements of Chava and Xabiru’s mother, netizens were shocked and surprised because they just found out that Barbie claimed to be a widow.

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