Appearing to the public, Rendy Kjaernett is still silent about the issue of cheating and only says sorry

Jakarta – After being silent for quite a long time, Rendy Kjaernett finally appeared in public to provide his response regarding the issue of the affair that dragged his name to Syahnaz Sadiqah.

In front of the media crew, Rendy didn’t have much to say. Here’s the full narrative.

Rendy Kjaernett’s Apology

Rendy kjaernett

Accompanied by his legal team, Rendy Kjaernett finally opened his voice after his name was in the spotlight. Lady Nayoan’s husband only apologized.

“Here I want to convey my apologies to my family, especially my wife and children. Also to my colleagues, friends and the public for the news that has been around for the past few days,” said Rendy Kjaernett at a press conference in Central Jakarta, Saturday, July 1, 2023.

The soap opera actor said that at this time he was only focused on rectifying the internal problems that occurred in his family.

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