Arie Kriting Affirms Winning a Beautiful Heart Without Witchcraft, Sarcastic Mother-in-Law?

Jakarta – Arie Kriting made a thread explaining how he could win the heart of his wife, Indah Permatasari. In that long text he explained the steps to win his wife’s heart.

As you know, Indah’s mother, Nursyah, often accused Arie of using black magic on her daughter. What was Arie’s explanation like? Here’s the article.

How to Win a Beautiful Heart

Arie Kriting

Arie Kriting used Threads to explain how he could get Indah Permatasari. In that long piece of writing, he began by rebutting the accusations that had been leveled against him.

How to win this woman’s heart. No use. A thread,” Arie wrote at the start of the Threads post.

In Threads, Arie reminded that men who want to use their method must be with the woman they love. Because he thinks it’s a very powerful way to get women.

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