As a result of hard work, refusing to spend spree, Dul Jaelani chooses to save money for marriage with Tissa Biani

Jakarta – Dul Jaelani is a public figure in the country. In addition, he is known as Tissa Biani’s lover.

Having been dating for quite a while, now Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani are getting serious in their relationship. So what do they prepare? Here’s the statement from Ahmad Dhani’s son, let’s take a peek.

Dul Jaelani Says He Got the Green Light from Maia Estianty


Photo: Special

On one occasion when met by the media crew. Dul Jaelani said that his mother, Maia Estianty, had given the green light regarding her relationship with Tissa Biani.

In fact, said Dul, because of his love for Tissa Biani, Maia Estianty asked him to look after her lover.

“Alhamdulillah (thank God) (you have received the green light from Maia Estianty). You and Mother are close, so Mother once said, ‘Don’t mess with Tissa, he is good,” said Dul Jaelani in the Pancoran area, South Jakarta, July 12, 2023.

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