As a special gift for Bella Bonita, take a peek at the lyrics of Denny Caknan’s song ‘Cundamani’


PeekSeleb – Denny Caknan, a couple who had just married and were in love, gave a special gift to his wife and sang it on the wedding day.

Released today, Cundamani’s new song has a deep meaning taken from the ancient Sanskrit language dedicated to women. Even in the lyrics it has the meaning of the Best Gem.

Curious as to what the lyrics are? Come on, let’s have a look at the following Intipseleb.

Saban wayah smelly
Think about your heart’s content
Opo tenano tresno iki
Dadi siji

Mantep my aunt thinks
Ra ono sitik was worried

This story
It would be nice to carve

Be sure no
I’m absolutely sure
I swear I promise

My soul is really netes

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