Ashanty Calls Erika Carlina Like an Aunt because she Likes Brondong and Pays Guys


Jakarta – Erika Carlina frankly admits her habits in the past when dating. Where, the woman who is nicknamed the ‘Ratu Senopati’ or ‘Queen of the Party’ often pays for the boy who becomes her boyfriend.

What’s Erika’s story like? Let’s take a peek at the following article!

Have a Habit of Paying Guys

Instagram.con/NGOBROL ASIX

Photo : Instagram.con/NGOBROL ASIX

Recently, Erika Carlina appeared as a guest star on the Ashanty family’s YouTube podcast. He told many things, including the confession about often paying for a boy close to him.

“If they come close to you, will they pay you to go or go separately?” asked Ashanty on the NGOBROL ASIX YouTube channel, quoted on Friday 21 July 2023.
“I prefer that I pay for it, from the beginning,” replied Erika Carlina.

Ashanty did not expect Erika’s decision, let alone the fact that Erika is often close to Brondong.

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