Asked for Compensation of Tens of Billions, Nikita Willy’s Husband Dissomatic This Figure: Give Back My Shares!


Jakarta – Indra Priawan was suddenly subpoenaed by his own biological aunt so he was asked to return tens of billions of money.

Not only that, the aunt also asked if the shares were immediately reversed. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the following article!

Requested Compensation

Being the son of an Indonesian conglomerate, Nikita’s husband Willy Indra Priawan was suddenly subpoenaed by his own aunt and asked to pay tens of billions in compensation.

Rarely tripping over cases, suddenly this figure appears and drags Chandra Suharto’s son Djokosoetono. In uploading the @lambegosiip account, Mintarsih is none other than the deputy director of his family’s company.

During his 18 years as deputy director, Mintarsih admitted that he had never received his rights. In fact, as we know, Indra and his family often have a luxurious lifestyle that is often exhibited to the public.

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