Asked to Stop Singing, Cakra Khan Successfully Passed the America’s Got Talent Audition

United States of America – The Indonesian people are again made proud by the appearance of their best talents on the international stage. After yesterday’s Princess Ariani, this time it’s Cakra Khan’s turn to show off his skills at the Americas Got Talent 2023 event.

His name is in line trending Twitter because of the stunning appearance. Let’s take a peek right away!

Appearance of Chakra Khan Got Talent

Photo: Got Talent

Several months ago, Cakra Khan had already informed the public that he was taking part in the AGT 2023 talent search event. Now, the 31-year-old man’s performance has finally been broadcast.

In his first appearance, Cakra Khan performed the song Make It Rain to amaze the judges. Cakra Khan’s appearance with his wet hoarse voice was immediately greeted with cheers and applause from the audience.

But unfortunately, Simon Cowell, a judge who is known to be critical, suddenly stopped Cakra Khan’s action in the middle of the song. There was disappointment from the audience to loud cheers. Nervousness graced Cakra Khan’s face.

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