Asmirandah Prepares to Live Second Child IVF Program


Jakarta – After successfully undergoing IVF for her first child, Chloe Emanuelle Van Wattimena. Asmirandah and Jonnas Rivano will return to prepare for their second IVF program.

Asmirandah admitted that she would do the program again, because she already felt more benefits. Come on, take a peek at Asmirandah’s preparations.

Second Child IVF


Photo : Instagram/asmirandah89

“For myself, you could say my husband and I are also busy. So my husband and I also chose to program again because we have done it with Chloe, this is the result of IVF. We want to continue again too so we can be more calm about the pregnancy,” said Asmirandah.

In addition, it turned out that Asmirandah also had a miscarriage in the pregnancy of her second child. This miscarriage also made him sad and finally decided to have IVF.

“I had one miscarriage with Chloe at the age of 1, because that was one of them that I got Covid. One house got Covid. Because one of the reasons was that I was infected with Covid, so maybe that was one of the things that made me quite sad at that time. In the end, I decided to do another program because it seemed like Chloe was ready to have a younger sibling,” said Asmirandah, at the Morula 25th Anniversary Gathering, recently.

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