Astagfirullah, Two Teenagers Caught Obscene in a Mall Toilet and Banged by a Security Guard


PeekSeleb – A viral video on TikTok shows one of the mall toilet cubicles filled with two people. The video shocked the public because the two teenagers allegedly dared to commit sordid acts in public facilities.

The video uploaded by the TikTok account @__ril__ has also been watched by more than hundreds of thousands of people. What’s a viral video like? Let’s take a peek below.

Nasty Viral


Photo: TikTok

Circulating a video showing two teenagers who allegedly committed obscene acts in a mall. In the video, the owner of the TikTok account appears to be showing a toilet cubicle.

It turned out that when seen the toilet cubicle contained two people. It is known because the toilet cubicle was not completely closed.

At the bottom you can still see two pairs of shoes from the teenager who was in the toilet.

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