Baim Wong Takes a Photo with Nikita Mirzani, Have you made peace?

Jakarta – Baim Wong and Nikita Mirzani have been feuding for the past few years. But now the father of two children and the 37-year-old artist seem to be sharing moments together.

Maybe they have reconciled? Come on, take a peek at the full story.

Photo Together

Nikita Mirzani and Baim Wong finally met in person. Through their respective Instagram accounts, Nikita and Baim both share their familiar portraits.

Nikita Mirzani shared her portrait looking at Baim Wong via Instagram Story on Saturday, 8 July 2023 The burning heart emoji was added when tagging Baim Wong’s Instagram account.

On the same day, Baim Wong also shared his portrait with Nikita Mirzani on the Instagram feed. However, Baim even said that his portrait with the woman who is familiarly called Nyai was edited.

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