Bayu Checks Reveals Keisya Levronka’s Original Behavior, Latest Trailer of One Piece Live Action Makes It Exciting

Jakarta – Present to provide interesting and actual information about celebrities from Indonesia, Korea, Asia to Hollywood, there are a series of the most popular articles on IntipSeleb on Saturday, July 22, 2023 that catch the attention of readers.

Among them, from Bayu Check who exposed Keisya Levronka’s behavior to the latest One Piece Live Action trailer which made a scene. Besides that, who else is there? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Bayu Skak Exposes Keisya Levronka’s Original Behavior After Being Blasphemed on the Podcast with Marlo


Photo: moektito/instagram

Bayu Skak exposed the original behavior of a Keisya Levronka in the midst of blasphemy from netizens towards him after appearing on a podcast with Marlo.

In the clip, Bayu Check shows Keisya Levronka’s interaction with Dono Pradana.

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