Bayu Skak Exposes Keisya Levronka’s Original Behavior After Being Blasphemed on the Podcast with Marlo


Jakarta – Bayu Check reveals the original behavior of a Keisya Levronka in the midst of blasphemy from netizens towards him after appearing on a podcast with Marlo.

In the clip, Bayu Check shows Keisya Levronka’s interaction with Dono Pradana. Here’s more through the review below.

Keisya Levronka Blasphemed

YouTube/Keisya Levronka Channel

Photo: YouTube/Keisya Levronka Channel

Recently, social media has been enlivened by Keisya Levronka’s video podcast hosted by Marlo. At that moment, Marlo asked Keisya Levronka a number of questions which also became the curiosity of the public.

However, Keisya Levronka’s attitude when dealing with Marlo at a busy podcast table drew more attention from netizens.

The Indonesian Idol dropout from Malang was considered impolite because he used harsh words at Marlo when answering a series of questions posed by him. In addition, Keisya Levronka is also said to be less professional as a public figure.

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