Because of Laura’s love, Maudy Ayunda is determined to choose Oxford University for undergraduate studies

Jakarta – Maudy Ayunda has successfully graduated from Stanford University Masters. However, new facts were revealed by Maudy. He admitted that he was confused when he was required to have an undergraduate degree at Columbia University or Oxford University.

His confusion then made him ask Cinta Laura. Unexpectedly, Cinta’s advice made Maudy determined to study at Oxford University. What’s the advice from Love? Let’s take a peek below.

Confused Choose Colombia or Oxford

Cinta Laura, Maudy Ayunda

Recently, Maudy Ayunda revealed facts regarding Cinta Laura’s involvement in her choice of where to study at S1.

“I had a gap year and I got accepted to Colombia but I just got accepted at Oxford and I was still confused at that time. Then I chatted with you (Cinta Laura), didn’t you go to Colombia, I want to know what you think,” said Maudy Ayunda as quoted from YouTube Puella ID, Monday, 3 July 2023.

“Then we ate shabu-shabu at that time, then there was Vidi. Then I remember that you gave me advice to go to Oxford,” he continued.

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