Becoming a victim of Komeng’s prank, Adul reveals that he almost left Thailand


Jakarta – Comedian Adul Latief alias Adul is often paired with Komeng. If the two of them are together, you don’t have to imagine what jokes will come out of the two of them.

Having been friends for a long time, Adul recently revealed that he often falls victim to Komeng’s pranks. He even remembers being teased about being left behind in Thailand. How come? Let’s take a peek at the story below.

Left in Thailand

Recently, senior comedian Adul admitted that he often fell victim to Komeng’s pranks. An unforgettable incident was when he was left in Thailand.

“Yes (left), that’s in Thailand,” said Adul quoted from YouTube Tuah Kreasi, Friday, July 14, 2023.

The incident started when Adul left his wallet in Komeng’s bag. He was also told by Komeng to be quiet while his best friend would go first. However, after several hours of waiting, Komeng never returned.

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