Becoming a witness, AG’s son was nervous when asked by the judge

Jakarta – AG’s son became a witness in the trial of the abuse case involving Mario Dandy and Shane Lukas. The trial was held behind closed doors so no one could witness it.

In this regard, the attorney for AG’s son, Mangatta Toding Allo, conveyed some information regarding the trial held by AG. What was AG’s attitude like during the trial? Here’s the article.

Grogginess and Confusion

Mario Danny

Mangatta Toding Allo said that AG was nervous when he was asked to testify in court. So he was confused several times when questioned by the Judge.

“So he was nervous and even confused for some information,” said Mangatta at the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Furthermore, Mangatta explained that because of his client’s nervousness, he gave a different statement from the Minutes of Examination (BAP). However, he appreciated the judge’s patience in correcting AG’s statement

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