Becoming an icon at the UUD Festival, Denny Caknan is ready to hit Indonesian Dangdut Music

Jakarta – Koplo singer from East Java, Denny Caknan, is actively inviting Indonesian dangdut music lovers to join in on the fun at the Dangdut Festival.

Having successfully held dangdut music concerts in 3 cities, the singer of the song ‘Satru’ is ready to give a new breakthrough for each city. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Denny Caknan

Successfully holding the UUD Festival in 3 cities of Banyuwangi, Semarang and Jakarta, Denny Caknan admits that he is ready to give a new breakthrough for the following cities.

Appearing on the same stage as Raja Dangdut at UUD Festival Jakarta, Denny Caknan needs careful preparation to perform optimally by absorbing the song and its meaning.

“We are still ourselves, the important thing is that the song is felt with the heart. The important thing is that the meaning of the song can reach the audience,” said Denny Caknan at UUD Festival Jakarta, Sunday, July 2, 2023.

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