Before being caught cheating, this woman had asked for a job at a salon owned by Hanum Mega

Jakarta – Bad news that hit the household of the Hanum Mega program celebrity, where her husband Achmad Herlambang was caught having an affair with another woman until he was positively pregnant.

This is not the first time, Hanum Mega has immediately been determined to dismantle chat evidence and even the perpetrator had asked for a job at Hanum Mega’s salon. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Have an affair

Hanum Mega

Many celebrity couples in the country have had affairs so that they are willing to sacrifice their happiness and their household.

After the issue of cheating on Virgoun, Fandy Christian and most recently Syahnaz, now Achmad Herlambang, husband of the Hanum Mega program, is doing the same thing with a woman named Tama Tazia.

In fact, unmitigated, the forbidden relationship was actually to conceive a child and intend to abort.

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